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​W E L C O M E,  N E W   M E M B E R   P A R E N T S !

This is to introduce you to the Somerville High School Music Boosters Association (SHSMBA). The objectives of this parent-lead organization is to promote interest in, and lend all possible support to, the various music programs at Somerville High School.  The choral, color guard, instrumental, and marching band programs require on-going assistance from families throughout the year at various events and activities. 


The Music Boosters Association fundraising events allows us to help pay for equipment and music for the choral and instrumental programs, sponsors scholarships for graduating music students, and helps defray the cost of the music banquet and music trips, among other things. We also fund the marching band and color guard programs by paying for drill writing; t-shirts; marching band, indoor percussion and color guard staff during band camp and the performance season; uniforms, flag materials and equipment; hot chocolate, water, snacks, and a few dinners for the kids during the season. Through our fundraising activities we have been able to fund the purchase of new marching band uniforms, choral risers for the auditorium, and new instruments for the drum line.

As valued as donations are to the organization, we also need the support of our Music families. Some of the many opportunities to lend your support are volunteering along with your student for the summer fundraising events. We encourage students and parents to help at our big fund raising events.


By participating in at least 3 of our events & fundraisers each school year, your child can help defer their own costs for the Music Department Trip as well as help the music program continue to fund other activities throughout the year. 

Our next Music Department Trip will be in Spring 2019.  In 2017, the students traveled to Montreal and Quebec City. In 2015, the students traveled to Disney World, Florida. By volunteering starting this summer, your SHS music student could save up for the trip in 2019. It truly cannot be a successful year without strong family support. We need help from everyone!


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