​T R I  P   F U N D   U S E   E X P L A N A T I O N

What is the Music Department Trip?

Every other year, the Somerville High School Music Department takes selected groups on a trip to perform at an out of state event.  In 2013, they went to Nashville; in 2015, they went to Disney World, in 2017, they went to Montreal and Quebec City; and in 2019, they went to Chicago (with a stop in Cleveland, OH, along the way).  The next Music Department trip will be in the Spring of 2021.

How is the Music Department Trip Funded?

While a student pays for the trip out of pocket, if he/she participates in the fundraising opportunities shown on the right and meets the minimum for participation, the money earned is placed in that year’s TRIP FUND that is shared among those who qualify. The more that is raised, the less he/she will need to pay out of pocket. We are governed by IRS regulations for 501-C3 non-profit organizations.

How do students qualify for the Trip Fund?

To qualify for the year's trip fund, a student needs to participate in at least three of the available fundraisers for the year.

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F U N D R A I S E R S   F O R  T H E

2 0 2 0 - 2 0 2 1   S C H O O L   Y E A R

Tricky Tray

Donate Cash/Check for $100 OR Basket(s) valued at $100

April/May 2019

Gift Wrap & Décor Items Sale

Sell at least $100 worth of product

August - September 2020

Pies/Cookie Dough/Cheesecakes Sale

Sell at least $100 worth of product

September - October 2020

Car Wash

Student/family member works at least one shift

October 2020

Florida Fruits Sale

Sell at least $100 worth of product

September - October 2020

Gourmet Popcorn

Sell at least $100 worth of product

December 2020 - January 2021

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